WaterWise sells and installs artificial turf

QUALITY you can Trust

While much of the turf that is flooding today's market is made in China using inferior materials and lacking consistency, all of our turf products are manufactured in our company owned facility right here in the United States. We only use the highest quality raw materials and are completely in control of what goes in our products from the start to the finish. If the product you are looking at lacks the words "made in USA" it probably isn't!

SERVICE you will love

With warehouse facilities in both Georgia and California stock is ready to ship immediately. We offer next day shipping in the west and can reach most other regions within 3 days. In addition to our logistics and inventory, we have a highly trained customer service staff that is only a phone call away.

CUSTOM designed for your lifestyle and budget

WaterWise offers various grades of turf for your landscape needs.  You can see and feel the difference between the different grades.  Once you select a grade then we will design the area and provide you with a quote within your budget.  Specific rebates are offered to homeowners through your city and you MUST have them come out and measure the area first before starting work.  Most cities will not honor a rebate unless you follow their protocol.  Our professionals at Dynamic Landscape Services will install the turf and create your landscape for you.

See portfolio of ways to design your yard with artificial turf and visit our showroom to see the different


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